Sunday, January 3, 2016

San Bruno Hill Climb

Zachary Hilton
San Bruno Hill Climb
Brisbane, CA 
Place: 7
Field: 14
Teammates: Joe Sullivan in the 35+ 1,2,3's (combined groups)
Weather:  42 Sunny and windy
Total Time: 00:19:34
Power: 250 W avg, 605 W max, 267 W NP  
Average Speed: 11.3MPH, Top Speed 25.8 MPH
Average HR: 178 Max HR: 187
Elevation Ascent: 1,211 ft

I'm riding a 2015 Specialized S-Works Tarmac with Ultegra 6800 53/39 11 speed group set with an 11/32 for this race.  I have a pair for Race Rim Tubular 32's that are perfect for this race.  I've been hooked on my current breakfast for a while now.  Trader Joe's Multi-Grain oatmeal cooked in egg whites, peanut butter, berries, and maple syrup.  Be sure to eat that no less than 3 hours prior to your race.  I follow Hammer Nutrition's Steve Born on many pre-race strategies.  Yum and full of energy to start race day right.

My goals for this race are to get some great quality racing for the legs in a short distance and power climbing race.  This race is a rush to the system.  We will be combined again with the 35+ 1,2,3's.  That group will push me!  I'd also like to go sub 19 minutes if possible.  Burn all your matches by the top.  This race is over quick.

I'm wearing a speed suit from Zaavy with arm warmers.  It's a cold start.  Thanks to Pen Velo for sagging up warm clothes to the top for each racer!  Not a very big group to line up with.  There are some top racers in the district with me.  The whistle blows and we are off.  Immediately we turn left into a climb.  The pace is good but I'm way over my FTP this time of year.  Luckily I can hold this for about 2 miles, and then my body will force me to back off.  At mile two I start to fall back and kept my eye on 3 from my group that are starting to fall back also.  We dropped several in that initial climb.  It pays to burn those matches early.  Before we turn into the County Park I caught 1 rider.  He took the turn to wide and fell off course.  I could hear another rider come up from behind me as approached the bumpy roads to the final 1.5 miles of the race.  I settled into a good tempo as I was trying to catch two other riders from the group.  On hill climbs it's important not to always stay on the shoulder of the road on switchbacks.  See the road as straight line.  You'd be surprised how easy it is to catch someone as you are hugging the center line and they stray all the way to the right!  I caught my final two and no on else was in site.  The wind was cold and howling now near the top with 1 mile to go.  I got as aero as possible and tried to keep my power up.  My legs felt great but my heart just wasn't allowing any extra beats.  I felt like I could push harder but then my heart would pound out my chest!!!  I'm guessing my cardio is just not there yet.  With 200 meters to go I had one guy about 100 meters behind me trying to catch up. I finished the first race of the season!

I was overall pleased with my performance.  My cardio will come overtime.  My normalized power was up from doing this race 2 years ago.  This was my second best time at SBHC.  I'm glad not to be sick this year also.

I took off my water bottle cages.  There is no time to drink or eat in this race. I took a Hammer gel about 20 minutes prior to the start.  Time to recover with Hammer Nutrition's Recoverite and get a good night sleep.  Don't forget to recover during your sleep and take some Hammer Whey to boost that HGH.  I've also added Hammer Nutrition's Chromate, and Super Antioxidant to the recovery mix.  Both have great recovery ingredients!

Next race will be SJBC Winter Series RR (Uvas Reservior) on January 17!

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Thanks to iRC Tire USA!
Thanks to SJBC Race Team!

Photo Credit Katie Troung

Someone Stole My Hammer Nutrition Buff

Photo Credit David Cheung

Friday, October 2, 2015

Vuelta de San Jose

Zachary Hilton
Vuelta de San Jose
Morgan Hill, CA 
Place: 5
Field: 21
Teammates: SJBC Club Members
Weather:  83 Sunny and warm
Total Time: 01:24:00
Power: 230 W avg, 790 W max, 224 W NP  
Average Speed: 21.6 MPH, Top Speed 36.4 MPH
Average HR: 169 Max HR: 193
Elevation Ascent: 1,588 ft

I'm riding a 2015 Specialized Tarmac with Ultegra 6800 11 speed group set with a 53/39 11/28 for this race.  I have a pair for Race Rim Tubular 46's that are perfect for this race.  I've been hooked on my current breakfast for a while now.  Trader Joe's Multi-Grain oatmeal cooked in egg whites, peanut butter, berries, and maple syrup.  Yum and full of energy to start race day right.

My goals for this race are to get some great quality racing for the legs in a short distance and climbing race.  I registered for the B group.  I am not in any shape for the A's right now.  We were set to do two laps around Uvas Rd.  There were also KOM points each time around on the top of Sycamore.  Scoring would be omnium style.  I wanted to take the KOM points and try to create  a breakaway somewhere during the race. There was a time trial the morning of but Katie and I did the 5K at a vineyard down the street.

The race starts with a nice group of 21.  It's mixed of guys I know and some I'm unfamiliar with.  Staying up front with this group is key.  We are all at different levels of racing.  Riding in packs and paleness is newer to some.  During one of the pace line attempts around mile 6ish there wss a touch of bueno.  I witnessed that from the back also...where I shouldn't have been anyways!  Max Hudson kept the pace high by being on the front for most of the race.  I was trying to stay tucked away around 2-3rd wheel until we approached the KOM.  The pace was tough and Max went off the front a few times.  He just seemed frustrated with the pace, but thats how he rides :)  We all stayed together and I moved up front as we approached Sycamore KOM.  Its a short steep climb thats over in less than 00:01:30.  I was sitting 3rd wheel and Max comes around on my left and takes off.  No one else attacks and I let him go out a bit.  Hal way up I attacked and settled into a good tempo coming up right behind him and keeping quiet.  100 meters to go and Max appears to be slowing down.  I came around his right side and took the KOM and 3 points.   We were now a group of 12 as we made the right turn on Watsonville Rd.  That KOM damages the groups each time.  Time to recovery just a bit before the final 1K up to the finish line.  One lap down and one to go.  Hammer Gel time.  Max is still on the front pushing the pace as we come around the start line.  I just stayed tucked away like the first lap.  I don't think anyone was dropped as we made our way around Uvas and turned right onto Oak Glenn Ave.  This is when the race started to get interesting and I noticed the pace line would be on fire and then slow up.  I was feeling good and decided to try attacking the group and see if I could get a breakaway started.  The trouble with that was that we are all club members and I knew no one would block for me if I went away.  Who cares!  I have to try something out here besides just sitting in the group till the end!  I went off the front during my pull with Chesbro Reservoir on my right side.  The group responded and we were single file.  I moved over to the left and the group came through, but of course no everyone came through.   I came back to the front and attacked again as we approached the right turn to continue to Oak Glenn Ave.  I led the group around the turn and this is a natural area to get ahead.  The group needs to go around these sharp turns slowly.  No cutting corners for the back but I was taking these turns hard and fast.  I was off the front with a maybe 5 second gap.  Time to take a Hammer Gel now.  I tried to create more separation but just ended up stringing the group along and I was doing all the work.  Not what I wanted to happen!  I backed off and stayed second wheel.  After we cross over Edmundson stop sign I was going to attack again.  Peter C. pulls off to the left and eases up..I go full gas down the winding turns and don't turn around...I've got a gap and its growing.  As we approach Sycamore for the right turn I was 10 seconds off the front and they were charging.  I was hoping some disorganization was going to happen.  I had one guy with me and I didnt even know he got a free ride!  He was quite until we reached the base of the climb...not to long into it the group surged behind me.  I was gassed and just had enough to reach the top of the KOM in 5th.  That wasn't my plan.  I wanted those 3 points!  I had nothing left.  I stayed with the group on the back.  There were just 5 of us now.  As we turned onto Uvas I knew I was in trouble when my calves started to pop.  I was cramping and fresh out of time and fuel.  I stayed with the group and then watched them sprint away with 1K togo uphill to the finish!

That really bummed me out but this race was the first road race I've competed in for months.  Yeah my expectations were met. I tried something new and it worked.  It cost me, but I dis accomplish the first KOM and blew this group up!

I used two bottles of Hammer Heed, Race Caps Supreme, and two Hammer gels.  This race was over in less than two hours, so no Hammer Bars were needed.  Time to recover with Hammer Nutrition's Recoverite and get a good night sleep.  I always take Hammer Whey Chocolate with 8oz of water before bed....get some extra HGH boost!

Next race will be Low Key Hill Climb (Alba Rd) on October 17!

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Thanks to SJBC Race Team!

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