Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fremont Peak Hill Climb 2nd Place!

Zachary Hilton
San Juan Bautista, CA 
Place: 2
Field:  14
Teammates: Jeff Rogers, Giles Douglas, Manny Managbanag, Andy Crews 
Weather:  68 degrees avg. sunny and getting warmer on top of climb
Start Time:  10:20 am
Total Time: 00:45:09
Power: 238 W avg, 737 W max, 255 W NP  
Average Speed: 12.9 MPH, Top Speed 36.7 MPH
Average HR: 182 Max HR: 193
Elevation Ascent: 2,461 ft

Fremont Peak Hill Climb is a time for me to see how my training is coming along for the last race of the season....Mt Diablo Challenge!   I'm riding my 2009 Specialized Tarmac with the new Ultegra 6800 11 speed group set.  I ride a 53/39 11/28 for most races.  I am also racing with my Race Rim 32 Carbon Tubulars.  My goals were to get a podium again in this race, improve my time on the climb,  get a sub 45 minutes for a free beer, and always help out my teammates.   I arrived early and warmed up on the trainer for around 45 minutes, and then got on the road for 15 minutes.   My time last year was 48:39   It's one of my favorite courses!

We started at the line with 14 racers and 5 of those were my SJBC riders.  We were combined with the 55 1,2,3's (6) , and the 45+4's (7).  I carried 1 bottle of Hammer Nutrition.  I'm glad I did that.  It was hot up top, and I needed it.  The weight wasn't a factor because I was drinking it the whole way up.  We stayed back from getting up front at the start line so the 55 1,2,3's would lead us out.  It was funny because no one wanted to be up front...we held our ground and most of the 55's and 45's came up. :)  Carl Nielson from CA Tech and Giles Douglas SJBC took turns up front leading us SINGLE FILE from mile 0-3.5!!  Amazing pace was set from the start.  Each other year the pace was slow and usually 2x2 pace line.  I positioned myself 6th back.  I had a great draft off of a Pen Velo guy that was bigger than me.  At mile 3.5 Giles peeled off the front and I gave him a big kudos!  Thanks again Giles and Carl for setting that pace.  At mile 5.5 I backed off a bit and started to settle into a good cadence.  I knew that the biggest climbing was coming up on mile 6-8.  Around 8 guys went ahead.  I could see Jeff Rogers SJBC and one other up ahead as we started mile 6.  The others I couldn't see anymore.  Mile 6-8 are the toughest, but the only place I beleive you can really pass someone and make it stick.  I came around Jeff Rogers around mile 7, my friend and fellow fireman Robb Herrick Team Revolutions after that.  Right in front of Robb was Phil Tercero.  He's a strong MTB rider, and took up road cycling recently.   Phil and I stayed together till the end, constantly trying to drop each other. We caught the rider that was in 2nd place right before mile 8. That's a great attack spot for someone that doesn't know the course.  It looks like you keep having to climb, but it actually levels out at mile 8 and then the rollers come for 1 mile.  Now Phil and I are racing for 2nd and 3rd.  James Rainbow of Pen Velo was a minute up the road and was out of sight.   Attack after counter attack with Phil was exhausting, but I knew that I had to stay with him. I wasn't giving that up.  I was waiting for the right moment to attack and leave him behind.  Before the 1K to go it flattens out and Phil knew this also.  I led us into it and sprinted ahead.  You can't look back on this section.  It's fast, quick turns, and a hillside on the right!  I was feeling strong and in full time trial mode.  At 500 meters Phil came up on my right side and I grabbed onto his back wheel.  He would beat me in a straight sprint for sure, but I was hoping he wasn't familiar with the course.   At 200 meters to go I think he moved to the right just a bit on a left hand turn and I sprinted on the inside line, gave it my all, and it finally stuck!!  YES YES YES  2nd place by one second and a 3:30 personal record!  I also finished 4th overall in the combined fields! That was the best 2 mile battle I've had all year with someone.  Phil is a cool guy and got to meet him after.   He also shops at my local bike shop Concept Cyclery.

My next race is SJBC Vuelta Stage Race on September 28th.  It's a non USAC race that brings together our club and team for the end of the season.  It's also a chance for us to get new members and our race team application will be opening up then.  All are welcome.

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Trader Joe's Pizza Dough and Fresh Veggies From The Garden

Justin Poulson captured this amazing view on descent from Fremont Peak State Park

Mt Diablo Challenge Fundraiser for Non-Profit

This year I will be once again taking on the Mt Diablo Challenge October 5, 2014!  

I am riding for my Mother Nancy Hilton who is so courageous and beautiful!  I am also riding for my friend Dan Taylor who passed away this year.  Dan was an amazing climber and loved these hilly races.   

It's an 11.2 mile ride with 3,249ft of climbing. It took me 3 years to join the "Under Hour" group with a time of 57:13. My goal this year is sub 54:00! Please consider making a donation to Save Mt Diablo under my name. 

It is a beautiful mountain that needs our help and support! I’d like to invite you to join me in raising funds for an organization that I think really deserves our support. Save Mt Diablo preserves, defends and restores the Diablo wilderness for us, wildlife, and future generations to enjoy. Click the link listed below to see my fundraising page, where you can view my progress toward my fundraising goal and sponsor my efforts with a donation of your own to create more parklands for all of us!

Thank you for your donation!

The first year I finally got under and hour.