Thursday, January 4, 2018

San Bruno Hill Climb

Zachary Hilton
San Bruno Hill Climb
Category 35+ 4/5's Combined with 35+ 1,2,3's
Brisbane, CA 
Place: 5
Teammates: None
Weather:  48 foggy down below, sunny up top, roads were wet in areas 
Start Time: 10:34:00 (delayed 30 min)
Total Time: 00:21:55  (My results 4th fastest time since 00:19:20 in 2012.  I'm behind 00:02:35)
Power: 260 W avg, 535 W max, 263 W NP  
Average Speed: 10 MPH, Top Speed 25.3 MPH
Average HR: 176 Max HR: 186
Elevation Ascent: 1,181 ft

Training Peaks Data
Flyover by Relive

I'm riding a 2015 Specialized S-Works Tarmac with Ultegra 6800 53/39 11 speed group set with an 11/28 for this race. I have a pair for Race Rim carbon tubular 32's for this race. I'm wearing my Race Suit from Jakroo Custom Apparel, and my S-Works Evade helmet. I follow Hammer Nutrition's Steve Born on many pre-race strategies.  Hammer Nutrition's Fully Charged is on the menu before the race too.  

My goal for this race is to simply start the season off fresh.  I'm overweight for this race and under trained.  Last season sucked after I crashed at Cat's Hill Classic.  SBHC will make you put all that behind you and jump start the season.  You will have one race more than most in the fields for the season.

The race starts with a group start at the bottom.  Anxious to start the New Year off several hundred   experienced and new racers show up to the start line.  The fields are combined in waves.  I'm the 2nd wave to go through and combined with the 35+ 1,2,3's.  There are 17 of us together and each numbered in our categories but I never bother checking to see who's in my category.  You just go with the flow and stay with the led group and within your power range that you can sustain.  I stayed with the lead group until the first stop light just sitting in the back hurting with the pace but it was about the flatten out.  There are several sections where it flattens and you can pick up some time.  I didn't train at all fo this race and it's showing.  I have markers for time, and I'm already off them.  It's still a beautiful morning and putting in this effort feels awesome.  My lungs are feeling great and legs aren't giving out. My max heart rate is a little lower than what I can normally hold for a hill climb.  The roads here are consistently the same since my first time here in 2011.  The road after the parking booth shack and to the top are the worst sections.  There's one rider ahead of me that I'm keeping pace with.  The road is closed going up so I will work to catch him on this section.  As long as no group or rider is coming up fast from behind I imagine winding hill climb roads as a straight line.  Taking the shortest line to the next turn.  This seems to always allow me to catch a few riders who stay to the right side of the road and don't pay attention that they are taking the long way.  At 1K togo I ride up next to the rider and then he tucks in behind me for 100 meters for a break.  With 500 meters to go I stand up to accelerate and put in an effort to drop him and it works.  Finished across the line in less time that last year and that's a small battle with myself that I won!  Thanks to Pen Velo for driving all our warm gear to the top.  It's freezing riding down when your wearing just a race suit and sweating.

We had plans to travel on New Year's Eve and I was planning on skipping this race.  I reached a point after the crash in 2017 that I would say yes to plans that came in the way of training and racing.  For years I let the training drive my schedule.  I love the feeling of accomplishment with cycling and pushing myself.  I wasn't burnt out by it but I gave racing the back seat for a while.  It definitely out me in a place I didn't like though.  I would go on group rides where I normally excel and keep up and I was being dropped when I shouldn't.  Racing keeps me fit and ahead of the curve.  I'm happy to be back at it, and secretly I was craving it!

Time to recover with Hammer Nutrition's Recoverite and get a good night sleep.  Don't forget to recover during your sleep and take some Hammer Whey to boost that HGH.  I've also added Hammer Nutrition's Chromate, and Super Antioxidant to the recovery mix.  Both have great recovery ingredients!  

Next race will be Central Coast Circuit Race January 27th!

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Friday, December 22, 2017

A Year in Review of the Gilroy BPAC

Here’s a year in review that all Gilroyans should be proud of.  Our City of Gilroy Bicycle Pedestrian Commission has taken part in many aspects for change and advocacy.  For the first time we created a Strategic Plan. It’s our guiding document and changes throughout the year. Contains Logo, Invitation to the Public, Goals, Action Plan, Grants, and Bike/Ped Projects.  It allows new Commissioners to come on board and get caught up before their first meeting.  It’s a great tool for long-term sustainability for the Commission and allows for transparency.   We have created all our written documents you see and don’t utilize City Staff time for these.   They can all be found here.  You can see our annual presentation to Gilroy City Council here.

We have reached out to work with any Boards/Commission/Committee here in the City, we collaborated with the Public Art Committee for bike racks and the Parks/Rec Commission for an Outdoor BMX Track, Dirt and Asphalt Pump Track. Having city email addresses has helped these relationships.  We work closely with Santa Clara County Public Health, Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, VTA, California Strategic Growth Council, and National Complete Streets Coalition.  We found Gilroy citizen Carolyn who now represents Gilroy on VTA’s Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee and reports back to us each month at our regular meetings.  We participated in Santa Clara County’s Lets All Go to The Park Series, Library Bike Fest and their Fix-It Station grand opening, and Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition’s annual Bike to Work Day and Bike to School Day.

We participated in the budget process.  We submitted our top 3 projects and aligned them with City Council’s top 5 Strategic Plan Goals.   The Artistic Bicycle Racks for Downtown were selected and the City will install four of them early next year throughout Historic Downtown Gilroy.  Gary Walton President of the Gilroy Downtown Business Association is donating a Bike Fix It Station and Pinnacle Bank donated funds for an additional artistic bike racks in front of their bank.   We will be doing some public outreach to collect funds for additional artistic bike racks.  If you provide funding for a bike rack you can choose to color and have a 2"x10" plaque attached to the front.  If you are interested please contact me

We have a monthly award!  It’s a great way to interact with public, recognize those that strive to make Gilroy a better place in regards to Bike/Ped activities. It’s a great tool for recruitment to Commissions. Link to award nomination.

We passed an amendment to our Commission Ordinance so that we could be more effective and have a voice for bike/ped projects, and ensure transportation projects include Complete Streets, which we believe, should be a way of life and not chosen just for specific projects.  This amendment was presented to the City Council on December 4th and will be brought forward with a Staff report in January 2018.

Our Bicycle Parking Guidelines created from the Bicycle Parking Plan for Downtown, is online, and we provided it to City Planning along with each Commission/Committee.  It’s a way for developers to see what we as a Commission look for in bike parking and a way for our Commission to evaluate a project when it comes in front of us for review.  Link to guidelines.

Along with the Downtown Bike Racks project we created a Bicycle Parking Plan for all the Districts in Downtown Gilroy.  This plan included input from the Gilroy Downtown Business Association, City Planning/Engineering, and our Commission.  We have plans for the first on street bicycle corral, which could be planned for bike racks or a bike share program like LimeBike and Ford GoBike.

Thanks to Reid Lerner Architects in Downtown Gilroy we created this map to show the current bike parking opportunities.  We have a planned bicycle map that was created as well.  We currently have 60 bicycle parking spots in Historic Downtown and with all the current unused public spaces we could reach 380 bike parking spots.  The map is one-page document that’s easy to read on a smart phone or print out.  Link to bike map. 

Safe Routes to School is close to our hearts. We participate in planning meetings, bike trains, walking school busses, bike/ped surveys around schools, bike rodeos, Walk & Roll Wednesdays. We have asked City Staff to utilize us when providing staff reports on property developments with regards to Safe Routes to School and not solely rely on “how they will drive a car to school” Council direction given on Oct 2 that Gilroy missed out on the SRTS check box from SCCHD annual survey of services.  Council stated that they would like to see more SRTS mentioning in staff reports.

We have come up with strategies to keep the program successful including short-term growth and long term sustainability once SCCPHD grant funding runs out and we create ownership of the SRTS program.  Gilroy will have Measure B funding for bike/ped education and encouragement of approx. $39,000 annually.  We have started the conversation within the City Departments and School District to come together as one for the best ways to allocate these funds. 

We advocate continuing the sidewalk 80/20 program and perhaps doing some ongoing public outreach to let everyone know of the program.  Sidewalks are dark and sometime really buckled for the neighborhoods that can access Downtown by walking. We worked with VTA’s BPAC to get 10th St at the train tracks into the Pedestrian Access to Transit Plan. We have remained focused on creating Gilroy as a walkable community.  On sidewalk signs you’ll now see Bike Wrong Way for those bikes riding against traffic. 

We are the only City left in Santa Clara County that does not have a green bike lane policy and implement green bike lanes.  We are currently drafting one up for the City.  Buffered bike lanes can be done with striping such as Welburn Ave and protected can happen when parked cars are moved out into the street and the bike lane is between the cars and the curb on busy streets like 1st St. Other physical barriers can be used as well but its more cost effective to utilize parked cars. 
We have a seat at the table at the City’s GPAC 2040 and are advocating for Complete Street and Safe Routes to School to be added to the General Plan.  Currently both are City Resolutions.  We are advocating for an Outdoor BMX Track, Dirt Pump Track, and Asphalt Pump Track Working with Parks and Recreation Commission and City Staff to get the wording of these projects into the Parks Master Plans.   We are always looking for similar projects such as the City of Watsonville old skate park that’s being converted into a asphalt pump track to see what works and what doesn’t work. 

Donna Taft is our recording secretary and is a liaison for us within the City.  She has been crucial at organizing our agendas, meeting minutes, and ensuring each presentation gets into the online agenda for future reference.  Michael Fisher was the Interim Traffic Engineer and has been crucial in sharing his outside perspective on what works in other City’s and applying it here in Gilroy.  We welcome Gary Heap the City/Traffic Engineer who now sits on our Commission as the Staff Liaison.