Thursday, September 3, 2015

University RR

Zachary Hilton
University RR 35+ 4's
Santa Cruz, CA 
Place: 12
Field: 12
Teammates: Giles Douglas
Weather:  70 little headwind on descent, sunny at start
Start Time:  10:32 am
Total Time: 01:36:00
Power: 233 W avg, 701 W max, 225 W NP  
Average Speed: 16.7 MPH, Top Speed 37 MPH
Average HR: 171 Max HR: 188
Elevation Ascent: 3,540 ft

I'm riding a 2015 Specialized Tarmac with Ultegra 6800 11 speed group set with a 53/39 11/28 for this race.  I have a pair for Race Rim Tubular 32's that are perfect for this race.  I've been hooked on my current breakfast for a while now.  Trader Joe's Multi-Grain oatmeal cooked in egg whites, peanut butter, berries, and maple syrup.  Yum and full of energy to start race day right.  I'm playing a big catch up game with racing.  My last race was Berkeley Hills RR in May.  That's just the way the season has been with me.  This race will be the opener for me on the second half of the season.  I'll be racing a few more USAC races, Low Key Hill Climbs, and then SJBC Winter Series.

I needed a good warm up for the legs before this race starts.  It starts out on a hill.  There are 4 legs to this circuit.  An uphill gradual climb, straight away that turns into a hard right, downhill, and then final straightaway.  There were only 12 of us in the 35+4's but that's normal for this race.   I was here to suffer and I knew that I wouldn't last long.  Racing is essential throughout the year if you expect to compete.  It's hard to get that race effort in your legs any other way.  Something about racing against the clock and others drives you to the extreme.  I survived 2 laps and then the pace was exploded by the eventual winner of the race.  Only 3 were able to stay with him, and then rest formed groups throughout the course.  He eventually dropped everyone and lapped the field.  He obviously needs to upgrade soon :)  But not enough points given out in the small fields.  Once I was dropped I pushed myself to complete the race at my temp on the climb and recover on the downhill.

Not much else was learned in this race.  It went as expected, and it felt awesome to be back racing.

I used two bottles of Hammer Heed , Race Caps Supreme, and two Hammer gels.  Time to recover with Hammer Nutrition's Recoverite and get a good night sleep.

Next race will be Mt Tam Hill Climb on September 12!

Thanks for reading!
Thanks to Hammer Nutrition!
Thanks to Voler!
Thanks to Vittoria Tires!
Thanks to SJBC Race Team!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

I'm Back For More

Often times when you start racing January 1 by the time July comes you look for ways to not get burnt out from the sport you love.  This year was a bit different because in April we decided to look for a home to purchase.  This home was going to be the forever home for the three of us.  Suddenly my focus on the bike and racing was sidelined and I went full time into finding a home and financing.  Anyone that has been through this process understands that timing along with being aggressive is everything in the housing market, and in return you will come out a winner.  This also means that no doubt when you are training you will get contacted for some piece of paperwork that needs to be signed or you need to send in.  The process seems never-ending, and the strong do survive in the end.

We have been in our new home for one month now and things are finally settling back down.  I picked up the training two weeks ago and found some races to complete the season.  The best part of living and cycling in the San Francisco Bay Area is that you can leave the sport for a few months and pick up right where you left off.  There are three races that I will be competing in.  All three are USAC races and then this fall I will take part in the Low Key Hill Climb Series!  I focused on a few of these races last year.  It was a great way to spring me into the beginning of the season.  The series is exactly what its named.  A group of races that enjoy hill climbs and charity.  All proceeds each week go to a local charity of the organizers choice.

University Road Race August 23
Mt Tam Hill Climb September 12
Fremont Peak Hill Climb (NCNCA District's Hill Climb Championship) September 20

I am really enjoying being an Athlete for Hammer Nutrition in 2015!  Everyone knows I'm constantly talking about their products and I always have extra Hammer Gels on me.  Hammer Heed is consistently in my bottles.  Strawberry has been my goto choice for months now.  Hammer Chocolate Recoverite fuels my body for the next day.  This has been especially true since I just jump started the training again for the second half of the season.  I am taking premium insurance cap daily to fight off getting sick and staying strong.  Race caps supreme daily before training, during, and after.  Clear Day is my choice each morning to fight off the allergies in the San Francisco Bay Area heat.  Hammer Bars are in my pockets for when I reach my two hour mark on rides and need some protein.  The great thing about Hammer's new Pro Gels are that they contain protein now also!  Each night I take a scoop of Hammer Chocolate Whey and mix it with water 30 minutes before bed.  All this allows me to push my body to the limits each day.

You will see me around the SF Bay Area in my Hammer Nutrition kit or my SJBC Racing kit.  I am looking forward to some final altitude training in Truckee before University Road Race.

For me this year getting over the hump of the mid season was simply some forced time off the bike during May-July.  We shall see how this pays off!